Student Supervision

I am interested in supervision students on a wide range of topics in HCI and Design. If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch.

Update 31/10/22: I am interested in supervising students funded through the Northern Bridge Consortium Open Studentship Competition, which is currently open for applications. The deadline for this opportunity is 10/01/23, but I recommend you getting in contact with me as soon as possible.

Current Students

Faye Green (2021-, Northumbria PhD Design)

Joint second supervisor. Working thesis title: Trauma, textiles and technologies: reparative practice through participatory sewing of electronic textiles.

Liying Yang (2020-, Northumbria PhD Design)

Third supervisor. Working thesis title: Recognizing user emotions from keystroke and mouse dynamics for bettering design teamwork performance.

Previous Students

Harry Menday (2022, Northumbria MA Communication Design)

Project title: How Can Digital Design Help Men Involved in Active Fitness Better Understand and articulate Emotional Intelligence?
Progressed to Seymourpowell.

Matthew Pateman (2015, UCL MSc HCI-E)

Project title: The design and aesthetics of wearable activity trackers (distinction).
Co-authored: The Role of Aesthetics and Design: Wearables in Situ.
Progressed to Microsoft.

Ian Renfree (2014-2015, UCL MSc HCI-E)

Project title: Going Up? A thematic analysis of app store reviews and interview study of a smartphone application for habit formation (distinction).
Co-authored: Don’t Kick the Habit: The Role of Dependency in Habit Formation Apps.
Progressed to PhD at UCLIC.

Victor Bassey (2015, UCL MSc HCI-E)

Project title: Investigating the user experience of geo-fencing notifications.
Progressed to Arriva Group.

Ningling Pan (2015, UCL MSc HCI-E)

Project title: Producing an understanding of the reasons why people share tracked fitness data on social networks.
Progressed to Bits x Bites.

Alison Williams (2013, UCL MSc HCI-E) 

Project title: King of the Mountain: A Rapid Ethnography of Strava Cycling (distinction).
Progressed to Foolproof.