Thermitracks are tracking!

Last week we got the four Thermitrack Cameras talking to openFrameworks on the Mac, we’ve got the cameras outputting point data over serial and we’re displaying them on the screen.  The image below shows single-point tracking from the four cameras.

Networked Thermitrack Ofx output

The set-up we’re using for testing is show below, each of the cameras works independently but are connected to a single serial port.  They’re connected in a ring network, with each camera forwarding packets to the next.  With a 115,200 baud-rate we are able to send multi-point data (up to 9 points) from each camera at 15 fps, eventually these cameras will be installed in the ceiling above the interactive floor and will be tracking people instead of hands!

Four Thermitracks

Even with this set-up surprising fun can be had, the picture below shows Imeh and Else enjoying single-point tracking.

Imeh interacting with the Thermitracks

I’ll try to get a video of the system doing something a little more interesting sometime this week- perhaps controlling a set of the LED units? It’s going to be a busy week ahead!

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