Testing Counters and London Rainbow

Yesterday I took my arduino PIR counter prototypes upto London for some testing in the building where they will be used, I’ve now got two breadboarded and have settled on the 20mm tube over the PIR sensor as being the best compromise between field-of-view and sensitivity.

People Counter Calibration and Testing

They had a few hours testing altogether, and performed faultlessly.  The first one now has over 50 hours usage on the battery, the voltage is now showing a little under 7v, but it’s still going.

Whilst checking that the were working properly I saw this fantastic rainbow over London. You can just about see a silhouette of The City in the background and Christ the King Church in bloomsbury takes up most of the foreground. You can also see the UCL Psychology Building- 26 Bedford Way.  When I saw this appear I was pleased that I chose the 8th floor to conduct my testing!

Rainbow over The City

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