Barcode Scanner Testing units

Here’s one of the Arduino’s I’m using for some evaluation of feedback and the scanners-  I’ll be using three Arduino’s and a few different sets of code to evaluate different types of feedback (two visual feedback methods, and multiple different sets of audio feedback), along with methods for , and even some ergonomics-y stuff, relating to the positioning of the scanners in the stairwells.


Arduino R3 with DFRobot Xbee  shield, RNXV and a few custom bits.

Wider view, showing CueCat, PIR Sensor and LED, and feedback module.

There’s still some work to do with building the other two prototypes, and producing the code so that it’s flexible enough to allow me to conduct some user testing without the need to repeatedly upload it- I’ll be sure to get some more pictures up once they’re all built and ready, and get permission from subjects to use their photographs on here.

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