Mac OS X Thermitrack Drivers

I’m using four of White Wing Logic’s Thermitrack cameras to track movement in my interactive floor project. We’re using OpenFrameworks code running on a Mac Mini to control the cameras and display, unfortunately there was no Thermitrack OS X driver available, so I’ve edited the standard FTDI driver and made an installer for the Thermitrack interface.

Thermitrack interface

The drivers are tested and working under 10.7 (Lion) and should work down to at least 10.5 (Leopard).  It’s a simple wizard installer, once installed you should see two new entries for the Thermitrack in /dev- cu.USBSerialInterface-xxxxx and tty.USBSerialInterface-xxxxx.

Download Thermitrack Driver for Mac OS X

If you have any problems with the installer or the driver contact me or leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help.

The process for adding the Thermitrack to the standard FTDI driver should have been fairly straightforward- editing the info.plist in the FTDI kext entry (FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext), however unfortunately it wasn’t.  To save everybody having to go through the entire process again I’ve packaged up the modified FTDI driver and put it into an installer.

I have added the following entry to the info.plist, it uses the default Thermitrack PID, changes the latency to 2ms (from a 16ms default), and adds the custom baud rates as recommended by White Wing Logic.


To install the driver double click on the .dmg and follow the steps.  At the end of the installation you’ll be prompted to restart your computer.

Thermitrack Installer

Plug the thermitrack into a USB port once you’ve restarted and it should be recognised immediately.  To check, open a terminal window, and type “cd /dev”, press return and then type “ls -l”, a list similar to that below should appear.

Thermitrack in Terminal

You should see two new entries, one in the format tty.usbserial-xxxxxx and the other (scroll further up) cu.usbserial-xxxxxx. These will only appear whilst the Thermitrack is plugged in.
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