Graduation Day!

Yesterday I graduated from my Human Computer Interaction with Ergonomics MSc course from UCL. The more eagle-eyed amongst you will see that I’m still at the same university, in the same department, working on a PhD… Should give you an idea of how much value I found in the MSc course.

I started off feeling really rather tired… I ended up getting about an hour’s sleep the night before, this photograph was taken before I’d found any caffeine to perk me up.

Zombie Graduation....

However, once I’d had an energy drink I was feeling much better… Even more so after a glass or two of champagne 🙂

MSc Graduation MSc Graduation
MSc Graduation MSc Graduation
MSc Graduation

We really are quite lucky getting to graduate in such a beautiful place… I just wish there had been more of my course mates there!

More photographs on Flickr.

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