Design Council’s Design for Planet & “fringe” Festival 2022

The Design Council’s Design for Planet festival is happening 8th-9th November, this week. The event was originally due to be hosted at Northumbria University, but unfortunately due to scheduled transport strikes (which were subsequently cancelled), the Design Council made the decision to move the event online-only.

However, given the efforts to host the festival that had already been completed, and a growing range of related activities happening within Northumbria University, the decision was made to create a “Fringe festival” – a range of activities related to the festival, but run completely independently of the Design Council event.

One of these activities includes the brief that I put together for one of my modules “AT5006 Multidisciplinary Exploration and Value Creation Brief” – which is currently being delivered in Northumbria University’s Amsterdam campus.

Using Amsterdam as your canvas, “responsibly design sustainable last-mile delivery systems for future cities”.

Design Brief – AT5006 Multidisciplinary Exploration and Value Creation 2022

My students are currently working on their briefs, which won’t be ready to be presented for a few weeks yet – once the students have presented their work I’ll share their concepts here.

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