An Autoethnography of Cycling 1,000km on Zwift during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Poster and video presented at CoCreate Design+ Exhibition

The CoCreate Design+ exhibition and associated events, held in April 2022, represented an opportunity for members of the CoCreate community to showcase their work to others from across the School of Design, the university, and the broader community at large. The event included contributions from faculty, academic staff, doctoral candidates, and students, as well as external partners.

I presented a poster and video in the exhibition, showcasing some early results from my autoethnograpic study of cycling over 1,000km in an online Zwift community during the COVID-19 Pandemic over 6-months, March-August 2020.

My poster and video playing at the opening evening of the CoCreate Design+ Exhibition

Because of the general audience of the exhibition the video I put together acts as more of an introduction to remote exercise platforms & the work that I was doing, rather than presenting a full set of results. I’ve embedded the video below, and I’m currently working on a full paper for this study, which will be coming soon.

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