dbpharrison.com – A New Start

After a week offline, I’ve just finished setting up my blog. Again.

I originally started this blog up back during my MSc, and over the last couple of years it has rather fallen into ruin. Updates were kept to a minimum – I’d add new papers when they were published, but that was about it. Otherwise it hadn’t really chanced since I set it up way back in 2012!

The VPS where I was hosting the site (on Digital Ocean) decided it’d had enough of the poor treatment, and last Thursday something on the SSD corrupted and no amount of fsck was going to fix the installation.


Unfortunately it wasn’t just this blog that I had running on the server (which I had a backup of from last autumn), but also Marta’s (beautiful) blog, a new project we’re working on, and a few other sites. Unfortunately this meant a lot of setting-up of accounts and server-blocks on the new VPS, and even worse, a chunk of lost content – especially on Marta’s sites. Sorry babe. Not all of the sites I was previously hosting made the cut.

This site, as well as the previous one, is hosted on a Digital Ocean “droplet” (VPS), this time on the $5 tier, which for now provides more than enough capacity for what I’m running. I’ve been really happy with Digital Ocean since I started using them a few years back – they’re fantastic value, the range of services they offer is growing all the time (I’m very pleased for floating IP’s, weekly backups (I wish I’d had these before!) and network firewalls) and they offer loads of very easy-to-follow guides to help you get going. Personally, I love the flexibility that having my own (virtual) server brings, opposed to using a hosted/ managed service – the increased work to get it going is well worth it.

So now, after a lot of hours I have a new server, and a “new” blog up and running. I’ve got a lovely new theme, and I’m feeling inspired to write. I’m filling up content, going backwards from today – I’ve got almost 3-years of photographs and memories stockpiled, and I’m going to start sharing them.

Wish me luck.

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