A new project begins – mytalismanofhappiness.com!

Over the past few weeks Marta has been working super hard creating content for a new project, which I am now very pleased to advertise!

My Talisman of Happiness Logo - click here to visit the site!

My Talisman of Happiness is a new food blog, run by Marta in Cambridge, UK. The plan is to cover topics such as social and sustainable eating, reviews and recipes. I’m very pleased to be “head photographer” for the blog, whilst Marta is creating most of the written content. In time, I’d like to start writing a post or two, but for now taking and editing the photographs is keeping me busy enough.

Cocktail Masterclass at Laverstoke Mill

The idea to start writing a food blog has been circulating for quite some time, we first set up the website well over a year ago, but the motivation to start putting content together has come much more recently. My server corruption of last week unfortunately meant that a fair amount of prepared content disappeared, but we overcame this, recreated the content and made things even stronger!

Sloe Gin Kit

So far, we’re just starting out. There’s only a few posts, but this is going to increase a lot over the coming weeks and months –  there’s a lot more to come and we’ve got a lot planned.

Cin cin!

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see us write about (Uuni Pizza oven perhaps…), do write us a comment and let us know!

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