Home repair warranties are either provided by builders or can be purchased from private warranty companies ( go here to get more information ). We provide a complete range of repair warranties for our construction sites and are able to provide insurance to cover all major home repair work carried out by our team of dedicated workmen.

Our repairs are carried out according to a comprehensive home repair policy which covers:

Metal work including nails, screws, brackets and brackets.

Plumbing/Electrical work including taps and water, gas and electric pipes

Painting, repair of windows and doors

Locking systems and sash siding, including new roofing shingles

Electricians to fix the electricity in all electrical appliances

Fire/Residential Firefighters to check the fire safety in all areas of the home

Pest control and safety checks on all floors and ceilings

Electrical work for light fixtures and electrical wiring

Plumbing for cooking and showers

Gas leaks and fittings including all heating, lighting, cooling and hot water storage systems Fire extinguishers & smoke alarms Plumbing and heating work including water heating and gas heating appliances (including electric ranges and gas heating equipment) Electrical work including electrical wiring and plumbing Gas lines and distribution work for gas appliances.

The cost of our service is:


Service Contracting Cost New Year’s Gift $200.00

(1) Installation fee


(2) Monthly HST fee


(3) Weekly HST fee (4) Monthly Total $200.00 This contract does not include: General and service related maintenance services or repairs Service charges (i.e. HST) which are added to the cost of the service Contractor fees, other than those described in paragraph 5 below (5) All other costs (e.g. inspections, etc.) where the contractor will receive a deduction or other consideration for his services (6) A one-time charge for the cost of materials and labour (except where any part of the cost of materials and labour is offset by a percentage of the total cost)

Example 4: New home construction. A contractor offers to construct your home. If he is a Licensed Professional Engineer, the Contractor will be eligible for a $250 deduction if he uses a Professional Engineer’s Report of Information (PERE) as his starting point for the Contractor’s estimate of the cost of building your home. The Contractor must use a PERE which is certified by the Commission. Example 5: New home construction. You are interested in the completion of a new home for your family. The home will include a rooming house with 3-bedroom house plus a detached garage. The price per square foot is: $1,400 (with no discount) $2,200 (with 20% discount) $2,700 (with 20% discount plus free utilities) $3,500 (with 20% discount and full utilities) The Contractor will calculate the cost of building your home using a Contractor’s Report of Information (CRI). The CRI is prepared by the Contractor for the use of the local government and may be found at the Contractor’s website.

Example 6: Renovation. You are interested in a new home for your family. You are interested in a remodel of your home with the design of a modern kitchen. The remodel of your home includes an update to the kitchen, bathroom and outside pool. You are

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